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Canadian Actor & Fimlmaker Michael Coleman has been involved in the industry since 1991. Most recently, Coleman appeared in ABC’s rendition of Once Upon a Time, where he portrayed “Happy,” the dwarf from Snow White. Michael is known for his comedic roles, and he has also lent his voice talent to multiple animated television shows.

Coleman has also involved himself with many charities, because he is committed to equality and opportunity for individuals from all walks of life. Because he is a Vancouver native, Michael is a die-hard Vancouver Canucks fan, and he takes the time to see a game or two throughout their regular season.

Because of Michael’s prominent status as an actor in popular roles, he has been covered in many interviews, articles and publications that outline his professional experience and philanthropic endeavours. Make sure to revisit Michael’s “quick links” page for the latest updates on Michael’s work.

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Read writing from Michael Coleman on Medium. Michael Coleman is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, and director. Every day, Michael Coleman and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Michael Coleman Talks About His Career, Acting, and Education | Prague Post

Michael Coleman is a Canadian actor, educator, writer, and director known for many contemporary roles. He started his career by performing in comedy shows and working as a voice actor for popular shows like Dragon Ball Z, X-Men, and Hello Kitty. Since then, Michael has starred in roles featured on hit TV Shows like Smallville,…

The Importance of Philanthropy: Why Michael Coleman Gives Back

Philanthropy is one of the most overlooked acts in today’s society. With approximately one in twenty Americans being a millionaire, it is surprising that there is a shortage of people who give to charity. In order to demonstrate how important it is to remain involved, consider the following scenario.

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Michael Coleman has always been fascinated with film, television, and the stage. It’s ability to make people laugh, cry, feel united, question the way things are… all of it! He has also been one of those people to never put anyone up on a pedestal and sees everyone as equals.

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Michael Robert Coleman (born December 6, 1973) is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, and director from Vancouver, BC. He is most recognizable as the character Happy on the ABC series Once Upon a Time .